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The following series of posts contain articles posted at, featuring an interview with my colleague and fellow Personal Family Lawyer, Kimberly Hegwood. If you have any questions or want to speak with me about these issues, please call me at 770-425-6060.


Your family is on vacation in another country and in a
terrible car accident.  Perhaps it’s even a foreign-speaking country.
You and your husband/partner are deceased or incapacitated.  Your
children are fine. You don’t have anything with you other than your
passports and wallets.

What happens to your children in the next 24 – 48 hours?

Every country’s laws are different regarding death and accidents for
foreign travelers. Local laws take precedence. The State Department
would be the best source of information for your family and can help
advise them of how to proceed. There are some things you can do to

What can you do to avoid this or better prepare?

First of all, anytime you travel in a foreign country with your
children, you should contact the State Department in that country to
let them know your itinerary. Before leaving, make sure your assigned
temporary guardian knows where you are going, has a passport, and can
be contacted to travel if needed. Be sure that they also have a copy of
your temporary guardianship paperwork. It might not hurt either to ask
the State Department if they’d like a copy of that along with your
itinerary as well.

Each parent should carry emergency contact numbers on them, as well as a copy of the temporary guardianship paperwork.

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