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Tips for Parents of Special Needs Children from a Marietta Special Needs Attorney

Tips for Parents of Special Needs Children from a Marietta Special Needs Attorney

October is Special Needs Planning Month!

Many parents of special needs children do a great job attending to their children’s daily needs, but haven’t given any thought to planning for the day when they will no longer be around or no longer able to care for their children. As a Marietta special needs attorney, I have noticed clients who take this approach and don’t adequately plan for their children with special needs.

A lot of parents of these children haven’t even bothered to write a will, let alone make any special provisions for the children to be cared for later on in life.

We found 5 tips that parents of special needs children can use as they consider planning strategies in a recent article that we thought were worth sharing.

  1. Write a letter of intent. This is not in place of a will, but lists everything that is needed for caring for the child. This includes names and contact information for all doctors, therapists, teachers or any other professionals they may see. This letter should also list the child’s likes, dislikes, allergies and so forth. This can be included in a will but can stand alone until a will is written.
  2. Set up a special needs trust. An attorney that specializes in special needs trusts should be contacted. The trust will serve to protect any assets that will pass on to the child.
  3. Consider buying life insurance. It should provide enough to provide for the child after the parents are gone.
  4. Take the child’s name off of any assets. This is so the child will not be disqualified for government benefits.
  5. Set up a guardianship for the adult child. Before the child is 18; the parents should file to be the adult child’s legal guardians.

These tips can help parents provide for their special child’s future while supporting their own peace of mind.

If you are the parent of a child with special needs, and you want to get started with putting in places plans for your child’s future, call us at 770-425-6060 and schedule a Georgia Family Treasures Planning Session ($600 value) at no charge. Or for more information on planning for your child, go to and download my FREE guide, “Legal Planning For Special Needs Children: Special Needs Planning Guide” Read it  and learn How to Put a Fortress of Protection Around Your Child Through All of Life’s Transitions When Your Child is Disabled.

Cobb County Parents! Before You Fill Out Your Child’s Emergency Card This Year . . .

back to schoolDID YOU KNOW…

That if you were to pass away or become incapacitated while your child is at school, the authorities may not release your kids to those you listed on the school emergency card?


Because by law, the authorities can only leave your kids with their “legal guardian” or surviving parent if something happens to you.

If the surviving parent is unavailable or something happens to you both during school hoursyour child will may possibly be placed into the care of social services until a judge (who doesn’t know you or your wishes!) should decide where they should go.

That is NOT a position you want to put your kids in—especially during a time of grief!

Fortunately, putting a plan in place to make sure your kids are protected if something happens to you is EASY!

Here’s a brief checklist to help you “get your ducks in a row” before the school year starts:

  1. Have I legally documented short and long-term guardians to care for my kids if something happens to me and/or my spouse during school hours?
  2. Do the people I listed on my child’s school emergency card match those I’ve legally named as guardians? (If not, your emergency contacts will only have permission to pick your kids up if they are sick – not care for them if something happens to you).
  3. Have I provided my chosen guardians with the documentation they need and instructions on what to do if called upon in an emergency situation?
  4. Have I prepped the babysitter who watches my child either before school or after school on what to do if something happens to me so child services are not called in?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, now is the perfect time to get a plan in place before the hustle and bustle of school season starts!

Just call me, Cobb County family lawyer, Steve Worrall. As a dad and a lawyer I am passionate about ensuring young families protect their children.  Call 770-425-6060 and ask to schedule a Georgia Family Treasures Planning Session at no charge (up to $750 value) and get $250 off your plan (any one of our 3 levels of planning packages) with the mention of this “Back to School” Article.

Together we’ll legally document your choice of guardians and create a plan that ensures your kids are cared for by the people YOU want if the unthinkable happens.

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